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2017-2018 Initiatives for the H&S IT Team

Sep 8 2017

Earlier this year, the IT team created a strategic roadmap that laid out our overall priorities and the projects and initiatives we will be working on over the next year. This resulted in a broad array of projects, operational support goals, and ideas on improving how the IT Team works with each other and with our stakeholders throughout the school. Our strategic priorities are to:

  • Directly support research, teaching, and creative expression through investments in technology; balance that investment by finding more efficient ways to provide administrative support to the Dean’s office and to the school at large.

  • Provide tools and solutions that enable departments and programs to focus resources on their academic mission. Emphasize solutions that support multiple departments.

  • Mitigate risks associated with inconsistent management of information and technology resources.

  • Leverage University solutions where possible; implement local systems for H&S where our needs are unique or significant gaps exist.

  • Contribute solutions to the University IT community where our initiatives have produced exceptional results that can be broadly leveraged.

Those goals, along with input from stakeholders informed our top initiatives for the year:

  • Collaborate with the H&S Community: Work with departments and programs to connect them with resources across the University to solve their IT problems. Provide outreach and training to encourage use of collaboration technologies throughout the community.

  • Community Management for Departments and Programs: Implement  community outreach and event planning software to allow H&S units to manage their extended communities. Integrate with OOD for alumni data. Pilot with Chemistry & the Bill Lane Center for the American West.

  • Decision Support: Enhance the H&S data visualization portal (HSBI) with new dashboards such as Student Conferral Trends by Department; Faculty Turnover. Work with stakeholders to determine additional dashboards and reports.

  • Drupal 8 Platform: Collaborate with Stanford Web Services (SWS) to update shared software platform and staff skillsets to build new websites on Drupal 8. Based on experiences in a pilot program, create a Drupal 8 framework to be used in future website creation.

  • Fellowship Management: Implement a system to manage Dean's Office administered graduate fellowships.

  • GFPS Expansion: Enhance GFPS to work across multiple schools. Roll out to Graduate School of Education and the School of Medicine.

  • Minimum Security Standards for Servers: Create process to maintain an inventory of H&S servers. Implement University Minimum Security Standards on servers containing high risk data.

  • Reporting for Departments: Collaborate with FMS on financial reporting and dashboards for Faculty Salary Savings, Business Expenditures. Create a portal for H&S departmental reporting needs.

  • Research Computing: Purchase shared resources on the new High Performance Computing Cluster for H&S researchers and encourage its use through outreach.

  • Seminar Room Program: Expand the number of rooms receiving CRC support. Take on the A/V refresh of additional departmental spaces and in the process, bring additional video conferencing rooms online. Create simplified room request system for the H&S community.

These are our top priorities, though there are other projects we are continuing to move forward, in addition to providing IT support for the school. Please feel free to contact if you are interested in learning more about these initiatives, or other things the IT team is working on.