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Backup software may not be configured properly on MacOS

We’ve become aware of a bad interaction between recent MacOS releases and Stanford’s Code 42 Crashplan backup software.  Recent MacOS releases require explicit permission for non-Apple applications to access all of a user's storage. A user may not have been prompted to provide this access when upgrading MacOS. This is particularly problematic for Stanford’s Crashplan backup software. Without giving the explicit permission of "full disk access", Crashplan will be unable to backup all of a user's data. 

We are asking H&S community members to check whether backups are fully enabled on their Mac machines and enable full disk access if not.  Instructions are below.  If your system is in BigFix and it looks like you may be impacted, we are also following up with an e-mail notification.

Detailed Instructions to enable full disk access for Code42 Crashplan