How to Request Access to H&S Systems

H&S IT has created a process and a simple set of forms to facilitate requests for access to H&S systems. By using the access request form, requests can be routed to the system business owner and to H&S IT personnel as needed, without the need to know who is responsible for which system. Using the forms has the added benefit of allowing H&S IT to provide a more mature access policy governing H&S systems, through clear workflow approvals and a record of approved requests.

 Since there are different methods of providing access across the various H&S Systems, forms needed to be created specific to each system. These forms can be found under each system section on the H&S Systems page on the IT website.

 The process to request access to an H&S system is simple: 

  1. Navigate to the appropriate H&S system section on the H&S Systems page on the IT website
  2. Select the link for the access request form. 

A prerequisite to requesting access should be approval by the manager of the person for whom access is being requested. Once the form is completed and submitted, it will be routed to the system business owner for approval. Access will be granted for approved requests and the parties involved will receive an email indicating approval/granting of access. If more information is needed for approval, or in the event the request is denied, an email will automatically be sent to the requestor indicating the status of the request.