New Features for your Drupal 8 Website

monitor and tablet showing a website

The H&S Web team have been working with our vendor Sparkbox to create a new look and feel for our Drupal 8 sites. 

We've created two distinct themes Colorful and Traditional:

  • The Colorful theme focuses on bursts of color throughout the site, complimented by layered elements. It also includes color pairings to give your site a unique look. Curious about an example? Look no further than the IT-Humsci site!
  • The Traditional theme is more editorial, focusing on the more classic Stanford look and color palettes. Curious about an example? Check out the Political Science site.

Over the past months, we've created additional features which we're adding to our client's sites. We're showing them off on another new effort, a new User Guide website:

The User guide site is our answer to some common client questions including

  • What options do I have for my content?
  • What do the other color palettes look like?
  • What is new that we can use on our site?

Want to migrate your site or have additional questions? Get in touch!