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New Research Computing Resources

Sep 8 2017

Four years ago, Stanford launched its first University-wide shared research computing cluster, called Sherlock. When a researcher’s computing needs are beyond what a desktop or laptop can handle, clusters like Sherlock with thousands of processors are the best option for them.  

To gain access to Sherlock, researchers can purchase computers to add to the cluster. Researchers can use their computers at any time, plus share unused capacity from systems that other researchers had purchased.  

Last year, H&S bought 12 computers for use by any H&S research group (whether they’ve bought into the cluster or not). The servers have a total of 224 CPUs, over 2 Terabytes of RAM and 8 GPUs. These systems have been used by over 50 research groups over the past year. In fact, they have been in use 24x7 by H&S faculty since word started getting out.  

This year, we have added an additional 24 servers that are just now going live. These servers are more powerful, and part of Stanford’s second generation research computing cluster (creatively named “Sherlock 2”). These servers went live in late August, and are now available for use by H&S faculty and their research groups.

For more information about how to use the Sherlock clusters and the H&S computers, please contact Jon Pilat ( or Mark Piercy ( More info is also available at: