AV Services

H&S IT provides support for the technology in your conference rooms at no cost to departments. We also partner with University IT Build a Meeting Room service to provide quotes for technology upgrades for your rooms.

Audio Visual Room Support

Illustration of a video call window

H&S IT has an agreement with University IT to offer A/V and meeting support for department conference rooms. The goals of the program are to maintain spaces through preventative maintenance, manage repairs through trusted vendors, and provide on-site support when needed. 

The service includes pre-meeting consultation for users that are unsure how to use the technology in the conference room. The room support team also provides documentation for each room supported, and does general  technology in the room. Our program includes three pre-meeting consultations or in-meeting escalations per month, per room.

Urgent support is available via a phone number that connects to CRC technicians during regular business hours, 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. Departments and programs should submit non-urgent support requests via a ServiceNow ticket. 

Rooms managed by the Registrar’s Office are not eligible for this program.

Please contact eszabadi [at] stanford.edu (subject: A%2FV%20Question%20from%20Website) (Eva Szabadi) if you are interested in taking advantage of our room support service.

Audio Visual Room Refreshes

In fiscal year 2019, the university embarked on a three year project to outfit 140 conferences rooms across the school with video conferencing.  This has been stretched to four years. H&S has allocated the rooms for FY19, FY20 and FY21. If you are interested in getting on the list for FY22, please email eszabadi [at] stanford.edu (subject: A%2FV%20Question%20from%20Website) (Eva Szabadi)

The AV provided by this program is provided at no cost to departments or programs, but  departments must agree to share your room with other departments and programs in H&S. Your department still retains control of the room, and the right to decline requests. We do ask for a good faith effort to review requests of your room when your department isn't using it.

If you are interested in displays, projectors and/or video conferencing in your conference room outside of this program, we suggest requesting a quote through University IT's Build a Meeting Room service.