Computer Replacement

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Computer replacement is offered for all H&S faculty and staff at 50 percent FTE or higher, and lecturers with a recurring appointment.

If you understand and agree to the guidelines below, please fill out out the hardware replacement request form:

Computer Consultation Form 

There were two significant changes to the program in FY21

  1. The replacement cycle was extended to 42 months. 
  2. The administration of the program is now run through University IT. The form has changed, but the ordering and deployment process shouldn’t change for most people.

Program Guidelines

42 Month Replacement Cycle

Starting in fiscal year 2021 (starting 9/1/2020) the replacement cycle has been extended to 42 months. However, in order to even out the builds of new computers, the change in replacement period will be spread out over the coming fiscal year.

Program transition to University IT

The H&S computer replacement program was historically run through the Dean’s Office. Starting January 2021, University IT will take over the ordering with the goal of streamlining the process. UIT runs a similar program for Business Affairs, and combining our programs should provide economies of scale. One of the goals is to have an inventory of standard computers on hand greatly reducing the time to deploy a new computer. 

The biggest change for most users is that the form is different. The process will now be integrated with ServiceNow, and the form will live on the Stanford ServiceNow website. CRC, the team that deploys computers in H&S, will continue to deploy computers to H&S users. The desktop support people you’ve come to trust will still be the team you work with.

Computer Purchases

  • H&S will cover all costs for one of our standard computer models and necessary accessories every 42 months for faculty and staff. If buying a non-standard model up to $3100 of the cost of the computer will be covered. Desktop purchases through this program require an exception from the Dean’s office. 
  • Additionally, 50% of costs, up to $1550, are covered by H&S for postdocs. The other 50% must be covered by a PTA. This cannot be paid directly by the postdoc.
  • Please note, non-standard laptops and desktops can take 3-4 weeks. Lead times are dependent on when machines arrive from overseas, and the availability of our computer resource consultants to encrypt and deliver the machine.
  • All purchases should be made through Stanford procurement (not via reimbursement or PCard). Exceptions must be pre-approved by the Dean’s office. All computers and peripherals purchased through the program are property of Stanford University and must be returned when a new computer is purchased, or when the staff or faculty member leaves H&S.

New Faculty Computer Purchases

  • Initial purchase for new faculty members is covered out of startup funds, replacements (starting after 42 months) are covered through H&S funds.  
  • Additional systems can be purchased on faculty discretionary, department, or research funds as appropriate and at the discretion of the department or faculty member.

Peripheral (Monitors, Printers) Purchases

  • As part of the computer replacement program, H&S will cover standard peripherals (such as keyboards, mice, and adapters) according to cost limits.
  • Printers cannot be purchased through this program. 
  • Full time remote staff are eligible for home peripherals, telecommuters are financially responsible for peripherals they use at home. Faculty may purchase peripherals for home use on discretionary funds.

Standard Disposal Process

When a CRC consultant has successfully deployed a new computer, they will take the old Stanford owned computer with them. They will store the old machine for two weeks (on the rare occasion that you will need to access your old machine) and then they will proceed with the mandatory disposal process. As part of the disposal process, Stanford Surplus securely wipes the computer before reselling the machine. 

Why do we dispose of old computers?

The desktop support service H&S IT provides to the school is based on the number of computers supported by CRC (our desktop support team). To help control costs and maintain our level of service, we try to minimize the growth of Stanford owned computers that need to be supported. 


The first step is to identify equipment that is ready for replacement under this program (42 months old). The best way to do this is to fill out our computer replacement form above. 

Upon approval, a CRC consultant will reach out to the designated contact for an initial consultation. Please review our entire process below. 


Below is a step-by-step overview of our process:

  1. Requestor fills out form
    1. Most requests will be automatically reviewed based on eligibility
    2. H&S IT reviews non-standard requests
  2. Upon approval, Computer Resource Consultant (CRC) will contact the user to provide a consultation, determine specific configurations, and place the order
  3. Standard models will be taken from inventory and deployed
  4. Non-standard models will be shipped to CRC
  5. Upon arrival, CRC encrypts the machine 
  6. CRC deploys the machine

Additional Program Information and Resources 

Contact the Dean’s Office IT team for your questions at any time.

hsdoit-crp [at] (subject: H%26S%20Computer%20Replacement%20Inquiry%20%5BFrom%20H%26S%20IT%20Website%5D) (Contact Us)