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Academic Support

We provide education, onboarding, and consulting services that support and leverage computational resources and research tools. We act as a bridge between H&S researchers and the variety of research computing services at both the school and university level.

Our initiatives include: Facilitating research project migration to Stanford Research Computing Center, providing infrastructure support for H&S, and providing new data visualization tools for research projects.


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Relevant services include:

Data Visualization is a way to communicate information about data clearly and efficiently using graphics, maps, plots, tables, and charts.  Our experts will help you create these visual representations from your raw data, enabling others to understand your information more easily and quickly. Contact Us  
High performance computing is the practice of aggregating computing power in a way that delivers much higher performance than one could get out of a typical desktop computer or workstation in order to solve large problems. We help with your high performance computing needs by consulting on which option is best for your specific situation, and guiding you through the process of getting set up. Contact Us
Computing is really a pathway to discovery.  Similar to high performance computing, transitioning your data off of your desktop or departmental server will help you better explore your data.