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The Application Services team provides consulting, solution design, implementation, and support services for information systems that support administrative processes and decision making in the School of H&S. Our primary goal is to facilitate effective planning and efficient business processes by utilizing innovative tools and processes, delivered by a team that are experts in, and whose primary focus is, the H&S business.

Our initiatives include: H&S Business Intelligence (HSBI), administrative applications such as HandSOn, the Graduate Financial Planning System (GFPS), and the Student-Faculty Advisor Course of Study Tool (SFACT), and business process improvement and application standardization. 


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Relevant services include:

The H&S Business Intelligence initiative (HSBI) is a platform that transforms the school’s raw data into meaningful and useful information for analysis and decision support for H&S leadership.  The goal of this initiative is to provide easily identifiable and meaningful insight into the data that drives the H&S business, and to help H&S functional groups and academic departments answer complex, cross-system operational questions.
HandSOn is an H&S application for administering data and processes related to the School's faculty. HandSOn is used to capture data and facilitate business processes from the point of an initial faculty search, through recruitment, faculty appointment and funding, sabbaticals, leaves, annual salary setting, retirement and emeritus recall appointments. HandSOn is also used for financial planning and forecasting for faculty-related costs and funding.
The primary mission of the Application Services team is to provide consultation to H&S constituents regarding business processes and supporting technical solutions.  This includes designing new applications to facilitate manual processes, redesign or improvement of existing applications, and integrating  H&S systems across the school and with University systems of record.
The Student-Faculty Advisor Course of Study Tool (SFACT) is an H&S application which facilitates the advising process related to individually-designed courses of study. SFACT reduces manual efforts of students and staff associated with maintaining physical documents, providing on-demand visibility into a student's course of study, enabling quicker and easier communication between students and faculty, and providing metrics for course information based on student proposals. The application is currently in use by the Human Biology program.