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Kiosk Recommendations

If you have a computer in a shared space, here are our recommendations.

If you'd like additional help from CRC to advise and setup a kiosk, please submit a ServiceNow ticket.


Basic setup 1:

  • Encrypted Machine
  • No Folder redirection
  • Single local account that is wiped with each logoff
  • No admin access for users
  • Deep freeze an option for added security

Basic Setup 2:

  • Unencrypted machine requiring yearly exemption
  • Folder redirection and standard LDAP login for users
  • Profile wipe at logoff
  • Deep freeze an option for added security


  • Machine can be encrypted without the PIN requirement, allowing both compliance and domain logins with standard folder redirection, etc.   
  • Crashplan backup is recommended for this PINless setup, if possible
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