Drupal 7 website retirement

Drupal logo announced November 2021 will be the end of Drupal 7 support. If you've worked with the H&S web team or Stanford Web Services on your website, there's a good chance you're on Drupal 7.

The H&S web team has been building a Drupal 8 platform for department and programs to use. It's not a simple upgrade, and the web team will have to rebuild the entire site in Drupal 8. There are two ways the team can rebuild the site:

  • A department or program can request that its site be moved ‘as is’ (at little to no cost) to the new Drupal 8 platform.
    • Content and site structure will be moved to a new Drupal 8 site. The site styling will be different and the editing experience will also change. 
    • The web team will meet with your department a few times to go over progress to date, noticeable differences and decisions to be made when we have multiple options. 
    • The web team will also train your department users on how to use the new site.
  • The other option is if the department or program decides to engage in a full website redesign project.
    • The department or program can take the opportunity to assess their content and site organization.
    • Cost will depend on the scope and complexity of the project.

The web team will contact Drupal 7 website owners when it is time to move to Drupal 8, but if you'd like to start sooner rather than later please feel free to get in touch. The H&S Web Consulting team is happy to meet with you to discuss your options. Please submit a ticket to get in touch