Introducing the new generation of device management for Macs, Jamf

Introducing, Jamf,  the new generation of device management for Macs

As part of University IT's Healthy Devices efforts, Jamf has been selected as the successor to BigFix for device management on MacOS devices at Stanford. 

Jamf is now available to install, and H&S IT will be working with departments and programs to deploy it to Stanford devices until the end of November, 2021. The tool will provide a secure and simple way to configure and update device(s) without much intervention. 

Why we’re moving to Jamf

Jamf is a management tool that allows Stanford to configure devices securely with minimal interruptions to you. Deploying Jamf is part of a broader plan to modernize Stanford device management that the University is rolling out over the next several months.

The deployment timeline

The project team is going to send Jamf installation out in phases between now and the end of November, 2021.  Most Mac devices configured by CRC within the last 4 months already have Jamf installed.

What to expect when installing Jamf

The installation via the Jamf Enrollment installer is almost automatic and takes only a few minutes.

Starting in October, 2021,  you’ll receive a pop-up notification on your device. Please review the text, then click Take Action to launch the Jamf Enrollment installer. When you see the Jamf Enrollment screen, click Get Started. The installer will prompt you through a simplified process that requires just a few manual steps on your part. 

Getting ahead of the process

If you would like to run the Jamf Enrollment instead of waiting for the popup, please visit Jamf @ Stanford Installation webpage for step by step instructions